Performance recording

clear & flexible

project flowchart


project enables PC-based personal recording and allocation of working times to cost centres and payers. Flexible project management is clear and simple thanks to project since times can be booked directly to projects, subprojects and activities.

The module has an online facility for calculating the daily and weekly totals for all project stages and provides valuable 'forecast' options via the integrated planning facility.

Existing interfaces to order management systems enable efficient project processes, help you to maintain an overview and simplify monitoring.


  • Performance recording


  • Everything from projectSTANDARD
  • Travel time recording on projects


  • Everything from projectPRO
  • Project expense management with document upload (.png, .jpg / via web additionally as .pdf)
  • Expense approval workflow based on upload of receipts (.png, .jpg / via web additionally as .pdf)

System requirements: min. Release 8.0